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Welcome to my Affirmation Blog!


Today's affirmation is: It's okay to make mistakes. Many of us feel the need to be perfect so making mistakes can be painful and lead to berating ourselves. The reality is we human beings are imperfect. Be compassionate with yourself when you make mistakes.


Today's affirmation is: I hold myself and others with tenderness and compassion. In this time of uncertainty and the need to stay home to be safe, we can all use more tenderness and compassion in our lives. Whoever you talk to, whether it is yourself, your spouse or partner, family members and neighbors, speak from your heart and convey compassion....[ read more ]


Today's affirmation is: I create connection and love. Sometimes we are afraid to get close to others. This may be due to relationship issues or a long held belief that began in childhood. Human beings are meant to be connected to each other. By saying this affirmation daily, you can embrace that important aspect of your own humanity.


Today's affirmation is: I speak to spread "positivity" With all that has been going on in the world, it's hard to find the positive in our lives. We tend to complain and focus on what's wrong. If we resolve to talk and share about what is positive in our lives, it will enhance our own lives and the lives of...[ read more ]


Today's affirmation is: I love and accept myself today. Sometimes, the last person we think about loving and accepting is ourselves as we see all our shortcomings, bad character traits and mistakes. However, just as we practice loving and accepting others, we must love and accept ourselves. In fact, it is a prerequisite to loving and accepting others. You can...[ read more ]


Welcome to my Affirmation Blog. I am not much of a collector of stuff, but I do collect affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements we say about ourselves or our lives that counter the negative self-talk in our heads. Often, the negative things we think about ourselves are not true but due to our low self-esteem or the messages we heard...[ read more ]

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